I Love Pop Culture Answers & Cheats

I Love Pop Culture answers and cheats to all levels of the trivia game for iOS and Android. Need help beating a level of I Love Pop Culture? This new game will test your knowledge of pop culture and your logic and picture association skills. If you are having trouble finding the solution to a level just read on for our I Love Pop Culture answers, cheats, and tips.

Few trivia apps have as challenging puzzles and entertaining illustrations as I Love Pop Culture by FreshGames, LLC. The app tests your knowledge of different categories of American culture, like movies, TV, books, and expressions. Just by using two pictures and a jumble of letters, you must find the words that match the pictures. One of the pictures might show a picture of a baby crying, and the matching word might be “cry,” “baby,” “sad,” or any other word you can relate to the picture.

Luckily, you’re not completely in the dark. For each new level of I Love Pop Culture, you’re given a letter bank to help you find the answer. If you’re unsure but have an idea, you can check the letter bank and see if all the letters you need are there.The game also gives you the number of letters you need. The answer to each level is two words, and the words contain about 3 or more letters each. Using this information you can think about what words will fit in the blanks. Even if you’re not sure of the answer, you can use strategy to help you beat all the levels.

When you’re stuck, the app also gives you a few ways to keep moving. Each level you free gold coins depending on your speed, and you can use these to buy hints. You can also purchase more gold coins if you find yourself struggling on many of the levels. Hints can be as simple as revealing the name of the category (knowing if it’s a movie or a phrase can be helpful), or you can reveal or eliminate letters.

If you’re out of hints and out of ideas, don’t worry! We can help you out. We’ve taken screenshots and provided answers for all of the hundreds of levels of I Love Pop Culture. Just read on and find all the I Love Pop Culture answers, cheats, hints, and walkthroughs you need.

I Love Pop Culture Answers All Levels

I love pop culture answers Level 1: Top Gun

Level 1: Top Gun

I love pop culture answers Level 2: Piano Man

Level 2: Piano Man

I love pop culture answers Level 3: Mouse Trap

Level 3: Mouse Trap

I love pop culture answers Level 4: Burger King

Level 4: Burger King

I love pop culture answers Level 5: Cry Wolf

Level 5: Cry Wolf

I love pop culture answers Level 6: True Blood

Level 6: True Blood