Answers and cheats to Hi Guess the Place all levels for iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Updated Hi Guess the Place hints, guides, and solutions including the newest level in Hi Guess the Place, Level 4, which has 30 new puzzles for you to guess! And here you will find a full completion with hints and guides to help you beat the game with Hi Guess the Place answers!

Hi Guess the Place answers and cheats for the new trifecta of popular games by Man Zhang for iOS devices iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch! The new game from the creators of Hi Guess the Movie and Hi Guess the Brand have now brought you Hi Guess the Place. And here you will find all the Hi Guess the Place cheats, Hi Guess the Place solutions, and Hi Guess the Place answers!

Man Zhang and their hit popular games have been dominating the iOS App Store for the past two weeks. First it was Hi Guess the Brand that climbed rapidly to reach the number 1 spot on the Trivia charts. But they weren’t done. The next couple days after, they came out with another game, Hi Guess the Movie. And when that game reached the number 2 spot behind their first game, they came out with another game to help them dominate like the 2000 NBA Los Angeles Lakers. Introducing…Hi Guess the Place.

Hi Guess the Place is just like Man Zhang’s other popular games, Hi Guess the Brand and Hi Guess the Movie. Users are going to get an icon, and then have to guess the name of it. However, unlike Hi Guess the Movie where it is strictly movies, and Hi Guess the Brand where it is just brand icon names you’re guessing. Users are going to have to now guess cities, places, and countries from around the world–based off the icon provided.

So yeah, you might want to brushn’ up a bit on your geography because…they’re going to throw icons of places across the world that you may not have known existed. But not to worry. Below you will find the Hi Guess the Place answers, Hi Guess the Place cheats, and Hi Guess the Place solutions! Enjoy!

Hi Guess the Place Answers & Cheats

Hi Guess the Place 1
Hi Guess the Place 2
Hi Guess the Place 3
San Francisco
Hi Guess the Place 4
Hi Guess the Place 5
Los Angeles
Hi Guess the Place 6
New York

by Paul D