Guess the Sports Logo! Answers & Cheats

Guess the Sports Logo! answers, cheats, guides, tips and walkthroughs for the hottest new icon game to hit the market for iPod, iPad, iPhone, and Android! Guess the Sport logo is going to have you guess all the sports logos for every single major league sports team! And here you will find all the answers for Guess the Sport logo with cheats, hints, guides, walkthroughs, and tips!

Guess the Sports Logo has all the major league teams covered! They’ve got NHL, MLB, NBA, and NFL! So that’s Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, and Football! And when you think about it – each respective major league sports has a lot of teams! And sometimes these major league teams have the same names even-though they’re in different sports and cities! You’ve got the San Francisco Giants (MLB) and the New York Giants (NFL). You’ve also got the New York Rangers (NHL) and the Texas Rangers (MLB).

Yeah, so you can easily see how confusing these teams and their logos can get really complicated. But there are two reasons not to fret…

1.) Guess the Sports Logo has it broken down into categories of each Major League – You have MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL.

2.) We have all the answers right here!

There are a lot of logos to remember and a lot of teams that are going to come to mind! That’s why you’re going to need some relief along the way! So like we said you can find all the answers here! Seriously, you will find all the Guess the Sports Logo answers with pictures, tips, guides, walkthroughs, and cheats all right here!

Guess the Sports Logo Answers & Cheats

Blue Jays

by Paul D