Unblock Me Game FREE Walkthrough, Cheats & Guide

Unblock Me FREE is a puzzle game by Kiragames available on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android. The Unblock Me game is a simple yet intellectually challenging app that requires the game player to strategically maneuver blocks around a confined board in order to get a red block through the gate. Unblock Me FREE is an addicting and brainteasing game, which comes with 4 difficulty levels ranging from Beginner to Expert. You can play the Unblock Me game for hours with over 4100 different and challenging levels.

unblock me game walkthrough and cheatsUnblock Me FREE Features:

    • 2 game modes, Relax Mode and Challenge Mode


    • Ranking system to keep you more challenged


    • Keep track of all the puzzles you’ve cleared


    • Hint system that will guide you through the puzzle


    • Undo system


  • Unlock the achievements





Unblock Me FREE Cheats – Hint Pack

Unblock Me FREE is a game of skill that tests the user’s aptitude to solve difficult puzzles. Each of the Unblock Me levels has a unique solution. However, some of the solutions become recognizable after you play the game several times. If you run into trouble playing Unblock Me FREE you can go to the store within the app and purchase a hint pack. The Unblock Me hint pack contains 99 hints and is only $.99, but they are non-transferable between devices. If you remove the app from your device it will clear all your hints.

The Unblock Me store has another enticing option. For $.99 you can upgrade Unblock Me FREE to Unblock Me, which comes full with a multitude of new puzzles, 16 different new achievements, several new challenges, and no advertisements between levels.


Unblock Me FREE Walkthrough – Video Walkthroughs for Unblock Me FREE

Looking for Unblock Me Walkthroughs, Cheats and Answers for how to solve the Unblock Me puzzles? With the help of these Unblock Me video walkthroughs you can look like a genius for completing a puzzle at level 350!

Unblock Me FREE Walkthrough Video Level 1-5

Unblock Me FREE Walkthrough Video Level 6-10

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