Juice Cubes Cheats, Answers and Walkthrough

Juice Cubes cheats, answers, tips and walkthrough for all levels on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad as well as all Android devices! Juice Cubes was released this summer, by Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds!

Keep reading for a full walkthrough of every level of Juice Cubes, along with tips, cheats and help!

Juice Cubes is a new game like the ever-popular Candy Crush! In Juice Cubes, you have four different kinds of cubed-fruits to combine. Make three or more connections of cubes to clear them.

Unlike Candy Crush, you can connect shapes in a lot more ways! While in other games, like Bejeweled or Candy Crush, you can only form horizontal or vertical combinations of 3-or-more, Juice Cubes is different! In this game, you can form diagonals, zig-zag formations, even squares. With this more flexible gameplay, it’s easier to get creative while trying to clear boards and there’s more of an element of surprise! Each level and therefore each level board feels less predictable.

If you form 4-or-more cube combinations, you make a fruit bomb. These are imperative for beating certain levels! You can combine two bombs, even three, to clear large rows or sections of your board.

In Juice Cubes, all levels have different objectives–from getting a minimum score, to clearing certain tiles or fulfilling different juice cubes! While the first few levels are a breeze in Juice Cubes, by level 12, you’ll be having to strategize a lot more to move up in the game! That’s why we’ve put together this Juice Cubes guide for you, so you can know exactly how to beat each level!

This game is addicting and fun. While it’s similar to Candy Crush, the graphics are better and there’s definitely less feelings of frustration when playing! Keep reading for a full walkthrough of every level of Juice Cubes!

Juice Cubes Walkthrough

5×5: Level 5 solution

juice cubes answers
Get 1,000 points in 20 moves.
juice cubes answers
Get 1,000 points in 15 moves.
juice cubes answers
Get 1,000 points in 20 moves: Don’t forget you can use corner cubes to help create longer cube-chains
juice cubes answers
Clear all the sand (12 pieces) in 20 moves: Because of the background, be careful not to miss any sand. Regularly check the sand-counter.