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Icon Pop Brand answers and cheats to the latest icon quiz app by Alegrium. The team behind the popular Icon Pop Quiz has released another brain-teasing trivia game to test your knowledge of brands. You will be awarded a certain number of coins for each icon brand that you guess correctly. As you collect more coins, you will be able to unlock more Icon Pop Brand levels and use your coins for hints when you are stuck on a certain level. These hints will provide clues to the correct Icon Pop Brand answers. If you run out of coins for hints, or simply cannot get past that one level, just use these Icon Pop Brand cheats and answers.

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With the icon brands shown on your screen, you must guess the name of each icon in order to move onto the next level. Icon Pop Brand includes 5 levels of quizzes, with 16 icon brands on each page. The levels will increase in difficulty as you progress through the game. Level 1 may start off with the easily recognizable McDonalds and Coke, but by Level 5 you will be challenged with brands that you may not be so familiar with, such as Laduree and Pocky.

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icon pop brand level
icon pop brand level
icon pop brand level
icon pop brand level