Celebs Pop answers and cheats for all of Celebs Pop levels with Celebs Pop hints, cheats, and answers! Celebs Pop is the newest picture guessing game to hit the iOS Store for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad by Wise Hero. And here you will find all the Celebs Pop answers and Celebs Pop cheats with guides, hints, and tips!

There are a lot of games out there that have pictures–and pictures of celebs where you have to guess who they are, or what movie they played in. And Cool Apps Man has seen some pretty creative picture-actor-guessing-game apps. Some have even gone as far as to cover up their faces with little boxes, and other really cool scenarios to make it harder for users. But Celebs Pop makes it really interesting here…

Users who play Celebs Pop are going to get pictures of celebs when they were kids, in high school, or in a picture like you’ve never seen them before. Lots of celebs are in this game, and the pictures are incredible! What we really like is that after you’ve guessed correctly, you’re going to get a picture of what the celeb looks like now! The pictures are priceless!

But even-though these pictures are cute and cool to see what the celeb used to look like…it gets pretty tough! Seriously…you’re not going to recognize most of these stars/celebs. So when you find yourself stuck on a celeb in questions picture, look no further! Here you will find all the Celebs Pop answers, Celebs Pop cheats, Celebs Pop guides and hints!

Will Smith
Brad Pitt
Angelina Jolie
Tom Hanks
Tom Cruise

by Paul D