This is a full 100 Gates Walkthrough for cheats, solutions, answers, and guides to all levels of the 100 Gates app for Android. Play the 100 Gates app to test your escape game skills, as escape games have been the biggest trend in mobile apps this year. As always, if you need help on a level of 100 Gates, use this 100 Gates Walkthrough for all the answers to this game.

100 Gates Walkthrough Level 1-10

100 Gates Walkthrough Level 11-20

100 Gates Walkthrough Level 21-30

100 Gates Walkthrough Level 31-40


100 Gates Walkthrough Level 1

  1. Tap the door to open it.



100 Gates Walkthrough Level 2

  1. Drag the ring on the bottom right onto the door and lion’s mouth.
  2. Tap the lion to open the door.



100 Gates Walkthrough Level 3

  1. Drag the grass on the bottom left to the right.
  2. Hold the flashing circle until the door opens.



100 gates level 4100 Gates Walkthrough Level 4

  1. Shake your device until the door opens.









100 Gates Walkthrough Level 5

  1. Slide each sword in the direction that the blade is facing. Starting from bottom left to bottom right, swipe your finger in these directions – up, down, right, left, up down.



100 gates level 6100 Gates Walkthrough Level 6

  1. Tilt your phone so that the two metal balls meet in the middle of the cross.
  2. Wait for a statue to appear and you will be able to open the door.









100 Gates Walkthrough Level 7

  1. Shake your device to make the knight and curtain disappear.
  2. Tap to change the colors of the stars so that they match the map.  From bottom left to bottom right the stars should be these colors – red, blue, yellow, green, blue, green, red, yellow, blue.
  3. Tap the wooden fence to open the door.



100 Gates Walkthrough Level 8

  1. Choose the hammer in your inventory and tap all the roaches to kill them.



100 gates level 9100 Gates Walkthrough Level 9

  1. Shake your phone to put out the fire.
  2. Tap the devil’s face twice to make it disappear.
  3. Tap the bucket on the bottom right and take the key.
  4. Use the key to open the lock and the door will open.

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