Who’s the Celeb? Answers & Cheats

Update: Who’s the Celeb has been updated to now include a total of 250 levels as recent as May 12,2013! We have all levels for Who’s the Celeb all answers, so check them out here for helpful and fun Who’s the Celeb answers and Cheats:
Who’s the Celeb All Levels Answers

Who’s the Celeb answers and cheats for all levels of the icon game by Cheat Master and Friends. Who’s the Celeb for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android is a celebrity quiz guessing game has you determine who the featured celeb is in each picture. If you are stuck on a level of Who’s the Celeb? just use these Who’s The Celeb answers to help you beat the app.

Who’s the Celeb Answers

If you are a fan of Icomania, Icon Pop Brand, and Logos Quiz, then Who’s The Celeb is right up your ally! Here we have Who’s the Celeb answers and cheats to get you started. This celebrity quiz guessing game has you determine who the featured celeb is in each picture. One icon, one answers. This game is very similar to logo quiz and icon pop, where one pictured is represented for each answers. However, Who’s the Celeb answers include fragmented pieces of the pictures that are out of order, so once you get the answer the right the picture becomes clear and you can see the face of the celebrity. Celebrities, athletes, presidents & more are represented, it’s your job to put the picture boxes together and name the famous person in each picture.

Our cheats and answers guide will get you started and help you brush up on your own pop culture knowledge. Who’s the Celeb answers and cheats will help you with all levels for all icons, just check back here for continuous updates and let us know what you think. The gameplay is simple, but quite fun, so try it first unless you get stuck! Enjoy these who’s the celeb answers and cheats!


Who's the Celeb Answers


Who's the Celeb Answers


Who's the Celeb Answers

Jay Z

Who's the Celeb Answers


Who's the Celeb Answers

Nicki Minaj

Who's the Celeb Answers

Brad Pitt



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