What’s the Saying Answers and Cheats

UPDATE: What’s the Saying answers has been updated with NEW theme packs and 200 additional levels as recent as May 21, 2013! What’s the Saying Answers and Cheats now includes the theme packs Witty, Brainy, Astute and Intense and covers all level answers of this awesome new game! Click Here for What’s the Saying Answers and Cheats Updates

What’s the Saying answers and cheats updated for all levels 200 levels of this addicting game! Including the LATEST update on May 7th to help you get through this popular new, trending app. What’s the Saying is the latest quiz and trivia app for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad devices by Cheat Master and Friends.

The gameplay is simple, and will test your knowledge of well-known sayings and idioms that have stood the test of time. What’s the Saying Answers and walkthrough will help you learn the ways of the game, provide answers to the toughest of levels, and help you brush up on your knowledge! The levels are random and change device to device, so here we have included a complete walkthrough with the picture and answer underneath.

For those of us who love trivia and quiz apps, then you will surely enjoy What’s the Saying. What’s the Saying has a mixture of both new and old sayings alike, those that have been passed down through generations, and those that began with the introduction of pop culture. This trivia app can get quite tricky, and it helps to make sure when solving for the answer you think about all parts of the picture. The orientation of the words, lettering, and pictures in each icon is crucial for figuring out the answer and, if you ever get stuck you can look here for help! We believe this app will continue trending and be a huge hit on the app charts, and we want to know what you think. Download What’s the Saying today and check back here for a complete What’s the Saying answer guide and walkthrough.


What’s the Saying Answers

What's the Saying Answers
I Understand
What's the Saying Answers
Foot in the Door
Whats' the Saying Answers
Fall Asleep
What's the Saying Answers
Step Back
What's the Saying Answers
Easy as Pie
What's the Saying Answers
Separated at Birth


  1. By Anonymous on

    hey im playing clue pics..and im stuck on 1 and need help…there a line in the middle of these words and the words are no no (above the line) and correct (under the line) any1 have any ideas?

  2. By Denise on

    A red button and a man’s face
    A green button and two hands
    A greed button and a leg.

    Been driving me crazy………………


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