What’s the Emoji answers and cheats for the new emoji-style-trivia game by Cheat Masters and Friends Words Cheats LLC that came in to the app world for iOS devices iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad over the week. And here you will find all the What’s the Emoji cheats, What’s the Emoji solutions, What’s the Emoji guides and What’s the Emoji answers!

Cheat Masters and Friends Word Cheats LLC is responsible for some of the most popular games on the iOS Store and Google Play. Maybe you’ve heard of What’s the Saying? Or, What’s the Picture? Oh, yeah, and they did What’s the Icon, too! So, they’ve got some experience under their belts–especially when it comes to trivia apps. And after seeing how popular such games like Emoji Pop did, who better than these masterminds to come in and create What’s the Emoji?

Here’s how it works- What’s the Emoji is going to give you a certain amount of emoji icons to help you guess the correct answer. So for the most part, it gets pretty simple in the beginning. Two emojis are in place, they pretty common emojis, and they’re conveying an easy saying. But, once you start getting a little further into the game, you’re going to be left with four emojis that are trying to convey a pretty obscure saying.

But don’t worry, there’s no need to go through your emojis on your phone and try to think of what each one conveys because, here you’ll find all the What’s the Emoji answers, What’s the Emoji cheats, What’s the EMoji solutions and guides here!

What’s the Emoji Answers & Cheats

What's the Emoji 1
French Horn
What's the Emoji 2
Baseball Cap
What's the Emoji 3
What's the Emoji 4
Camera Man
What's the Emoji 5
Family Tree
What's the Emoji 6
Police Dog

by Paul D

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