Tinder Dating App Review

Tinder is a new Facebook dating app from Hatch Labs Inc., the makers of Blush, CrowdFail, and Cardify. It is currently only available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. No release date for Android has been announced yet. Still, this free Tinder app has gained over 100,000 iOS users since its launch on August 3, 2012.


Screen capture of a new app for iOS, Tinder.

What is Tinder

The new Tinder dating app connects to your Facebook account in order to match you up with potential love interests in your network. It shows you other Tinder members nearby, and you decide if you are interested in based off of their looks and preliminary Facebook profile. You can anonymously like those you’re connected with, and if they like you back, Tinder offers an introduction so you can chat. If you don’t like the people Tinder shows you, just skip to the next suggestion. Unless they like you back, they will never know that you expressed interest.

Should I Use Tinder?

Tinder is used by all kinds of people. It is a particularly great option for those in the dating world who are shy and do not want to put themselves out there if they are unsure if someone is interested in them, too. Tinder is anonymous until a mutual interest is displayed – no fear of rejection necessary. This app is also popular among a young and maybe less than sophisticated crowd. Single men and women looking to find their spouses may want to consult a more serious

The Bad Parts of Tinder

The most common complaint about Tinder, other than that it is not available for Android, is that there is no age filter. This is not too pressing of an issue on college campuses, where this app is very popular, but can become an issue in other areas where a wide age range of people might be using the app.  This could easily be remedied by adding an option in the settings. And this will likely happen if enough people request it.

A few reviewers perceive Tinder as “creepy”, stating that it is basically a version of “Hot or Not” where you don’t know when the guy next to you has already seen and evaluated your looks. With an app like this, everyone could be walking around already knowing who else is using the app and what they look like.

For some, though, this is just the tool needed to meet someone new, despite the suggestion that the app may be “stalker-ish”.

Tinder – New and Improving

Hatch Labs Inc. has thus far been diligent about fixing the problems that its users have reported. This app is still new, and so any bugs are still in the process of being worked out. Recently, a new update was released to fix the problem of duplicate recommendations. Many users complained in reviews on Facebook, iTunes, and the iPhone app store that people that they skipped over show up multiple times instead of finding new people, and Hatch Labs answered. They have also released another update to fix the crashing that users have reported. This has unfortunately not stopped all the complaints, in addition to those about not being able to get past the first few screens. Hopefully, Hatch Labs will figure out all of these bugs soon so the app can reach its full potential.

With an already successful app and a company working to keep their users happy, Tinder has potential to become the next trend in online dating. This app gets a 3/5 star rating for an app that has plenty of promise, but isn’t the most original idea and still has problems with crashing and getting through the first few screens.

Get more information at gotinder.com.



  1. By really on

    “Unless they like you back, they will never know that you expressed interest.”

    The fact that you sent a “like” and they ignored it is proof they know you were interested.

    • By darren on

      no no no! You can’t see who likes you.

      This is how it works:

      each person is sent random pictures to like or dislike.
      If you like someone, nothing pops up on their screen. If they also like you back, THEN you both get a notification. So no one knows who likes someone until you BOTH like each other.

      Get it now?


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