The Pic Game answers and cheats. The Pic Game is one of the biggest picture trivia games to hit the market this Summer season for iOS devices iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad by Palm Desert Studios. And you can now find all The Pic Game cheats, The Pic Game hints, The Pic Game guides and The Pic Game answers here!

The Pic Game answers and cheats for the game that had iOS users scratching their heads when they saw how quickly it reached the number one spot on the Trivia charts in the iOS Store for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad by Palm Desert Studios. And here you will find The Pic Game answers, The Pic Game cheats, and The Pic Game solutions.

The Pic Game is another one of those clever and well-thought out picture-puzzle-games that keeps users engaged and thinking. Users are going to get a a picture that is covered by a bunch of little squares, and you’re going to have to selectively click out certain squares to help you reveal a little bit of the picture you’re guessing. The Pic Game is going to give you 12 clicks for the large square. From there, you’re going to go through the letter bank, search through the letters, and then put them in to the blank spaces above.

However, after playing the game a few times, Cool Apps Man noticed that the seemingly obvious answer to the picture was actually not the answer. While some of the pictures may look simple–and the letters fit into the blank spaces, sometimes you’ll be surprised and stumped a little by the actual answers. Don’t worry it’s all relative; it’s not like the answer is all the way out in left field.

Still, you’re going to find yourself between a picture-puzzle and a hard place. Here below, you’ll find The Pic Game answers, The Pic Game solutions, The Pic Game guides, and The Pic Game cheats.

The Pic Game Answers & Cheats

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