The Moron Test Walkthrough

The Moron Test: Old School
The Moron Test: Late Registration
The Moron Test: Winter Break
The Moron Test: Food Fight
The Moron Test: Skip Day

The Moron Test: Late Registration

You can also check a video walkthrough here:

1. First step is easy: press any blue button.

2. On this page, you’ll see four buttons and you’ll have to press any of the two red buttons.

3. Here you’ll see a slice of an orange and three animals. Answer the question: “Which does not belong?.” [orange].

4. Touch the words third, second, and first in this order. Be careful not to confuse with the actual order.

5. On this page you are announced: “Don’t trust the next notecard.” So, you should not press the green button when prompted to do so on the following card. Be careful that the green button will stay there for a while.

6. On the next card, you’ll be advised to be careful with the grey cards: “Those pesky grey notecards will always try to trick you. Do the opposite of what they say!”

7. Checkpoint: “How many days are in 72 hours.” The answer is 3.

8. Press any button except orange. Press one of the blue, the red, or the green buttons.

9. Touch the giraffes from tallest to shortest. Begin with the one on the right, then touch the one in the middle, and finally the one in the middle.

10. “Press the green button.” You’ll see a green and a blue button. Don’t be mislead by the color of the word “green” and push the real green button.

11. Press the leftmost green button: Touch the green button which is below the blue.

12. Which piece solves the puzzle? Tap the bottom piece on the right. This puzzle piece has the duck’s nose which is missing from the bigger picture.

13. Dial 555-DUMB. Press 5-5-5-3-8-6-2.

14. Pay attention! You’ll see three buttons: 2 blue and one red. Then you’ll have to answer the question: how many blue buttons were there? The answer is 2.

15. Don’t press the green button. Don’t do anything and wait for a couple of seconds. Yet, be careful, because, after a few seconds you will read “Quick! Press green button.” That is the time to press the green button.
16. Touch the biggest frog. This is a grey notecard, so, you must remember that you should do the opposite to the instruction. Go on and press the smallest frog.

17. Checkpoint: touch the mail to continue. Touch the envelope but do not touch the male sign in blue.

18. “Which does not belong?” Touch the third arrow which has its head to the left.

19. “Press the orange button 7 times.” Press the button but be careful as the button will move away into different positions.

20. “Touch the giraffe with longest neck”. Touch the giraffe on the right.

21. “Scare the turtles from smallest to largest.” Begin with the one in the upper right side but be careful not to touch the frog.

22. “Touch the gallon that listens to gravity.” It is the gallon on the top left side.

23. “Which piece solves the puzzle?” it is the piece from the left bottom which also has one star.

24. “Set the time to 6:15, then touch the green clock.” To do so you need to turn your device upside down and the clock will turn green. Then, tap that green clock.

25. Checkpoint: touch the blue jeans and not the gene symbol.

26. “Touch the correct sun:” touch the sun on the right which makes the turtle’s shadow.

27. “Quick press the next four blue button:” press the blue button. You can figure out the buttons after several attempts. The button position changes from right to left.

28. “Touch the frog from top to bottom:” be careful, this is a grey notecard and you have to do the opposite. Therefore touch the frogs from bottom to top.

29. “Multiply the number! What’s the answer?” The answer is 4 x 2 x 5= 40

30. “Press the red button 5 times.” Press the button but be careful as it the button position will change every time you touch it.

31. “Quick touch the notecard!” You have to touch at any point on the empty screen but not the envelope.

32. “Don’t press the arrow!” Wait for a few seconds until you move to the following question.

33. “Touch pi (π) to continue:” 3.14 is the answer and not the other numbers or the representation of a pie.

34. “Don’t trust the next notecard.” This a grey card, so you must do the opposite. Don’t touch anything but just wait for the next card to show up.

34. “Wake up the left turtle.” Touch the left turtle with the picture zzzzzz.
35. “Quick! Fix the box and touch the giraffe.” Turn you tablet accordingly and then press the giraffe.

36. “Dial the numbers in order from 1 to 9.” Be careful when pressing 8 and 9 because they will switch positions.

37. “Do you see blue triangle? Press the triangle to continue.” Don’t press the triangle on the card but the triangle in the question.

38. “Touch the ferry to continue:” Press the ferry and not the fairy.

39. Look carefully at the picture and then answer the question: How many blue buttons were there? The answer is 5.

40. “Tap the box until it opens:” Touch the opener.

41. “Quick! Close the box:” Touch quickly the star button.

42. “Touch the empty glass.” To empty the glass you’ll have to rotate your device and then touch the glass.

43. “Pieces:” Touch the piece on top in the middle.

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