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UPDATE- The Floor Escape, or as it was once known as, 100 Floors Escape, had an update today with 2 new levels. So in total now, there are 65 levels! And all the levels and updates are available now for The Floor Escape answers, The Floor Escape cheats, with The Floor Escape hints, and The Floor Escape walkthrough!


100 Floors Escape–or as it is now called, The Floor Escape, had an update of the weekend! The everlasting and ever-updating-levels game has graciously provided us with two new levels. Well, at least it’s something, right? We just want more levels! But in the meantime, we have all answers for The Floor Escape updates with The Floor Escape cheats for the popular 100 Floor Escape style game with The Floor Escape walkthrough!


The game formerly known as 100 Floors Escape by Perfect Games, INC. has recently made its appearance to the iOS store for iPhone, iPod, and iPad! Yes, the highly trending app for Android on Google Play is finally available for anyone with a iOS device! And we still have all the 100 Floors Escape walkthroughs and 100 Floor Escape solutions for the popular 100 Floors Escape game! However, they are no longer 100 Floors Escape. Enter…The Floor Escape! Yeah, that has a way nicer ring to it. Let it sit for a minute, and then say it again, The Floor Escape. Seriously, having 100 in the beginning of your game gets confusing after awhile. And no, the game is exactly the same–except for the fact that they have updated with 3 new levels. They left off on level 58 last week, but on April 25th, 2013, they updated us to level 61. And as far as we know, there are still going to be 100 floors, but we’re hoping there will be more than just that! But for the all the levels and new updates, we have your 100 floors solution and 100 floors walkthrough. Oops! We meant The Floor Escape! So, here’s The Floor Escape walkthrough! It’ll catch on, though!

Update 100 Floors Escape

The masterminds behind the extremely popular 100 Floors Escape game have updated again with 3 new levels for you to play! When we last left off, they were on level 55. But now they’ve updated up to 58 this time. And we have all the 100 Floors Escape solutions and 100 Floors Escape walkthrough!

Update 100 Floors Escape-

The vastly popular floors escape game is still trending pretty heavily on Google Play for Android. And that’s probably why they are constantly updating with new levels. When we last left off, 100 Floors Escape had only provided us with three new levels–leaving 48 levels in total. Well, over this past weekend (April 19th, 2013), Perfect Games INC. has updated with 7 new levels! And we have all the 100 Floors Escape walkthroughs, 100 Floors Escape guides, and 100 Floors Escape answers!

Update 100 Floors Escape-

100 Floors Escape for Android by Perfect Games INC. has three new updated levels for the popular 100 floors game! Here you’ll find all the new 100 Floors Escape answers for all updates and new levels—including 100 floors escape cheats, guides and 100 floors escape walkthroughs.

100 Floors Escape- 100 Floors Escape by Perfect Games INC. is the hottest new trending app on Google Play. Here you'll find 100 Floors Escape walkthroughs and 100 Floors Escape answers! This new Floors Escape game follows in the same style of some of the most popular puzzle games out on the app market! 100 Floors Escape follows the same style and thinking strategy as 100 Doors 2013 and 100 Doors of Revenge. And while many of the levels are complex, and require intense thought and strategic planning, you don't need to fret because...we have all the 100 Floors Escape walkthroughs, 100 Floors Escape answers, 100 Floors Escape cheats and 100 Floors Escape guides!

While everyone (including us here at Cool Apps Man) have been focusing a lot on the 4 Pics 1 Word (now there's 2 pics 1 word) and all the icon pop and icon mania puzzle games, we've seem to have lost sight of the popular 100 Floors games.

You remember those games, right? Where you used to have to do all kinds of crazy and un-thought of things with your phone just to get the doors to open? Starting to ring a bell? You know they had codes for you to break and other puzzles for you to solve, and then the door would open? Yeah, now it's come back to you! Part of the reason we forgot about these games and how great they are is because everyone seemed to stop making them!

Well now, 100 Floors Escape is going to be putting 100 Floors back on the app world map!

And we have all the Floors Escape walkthroughs, 100 Floors Escape guides, 100 Floors Escape answers, and 100 Floors Escape cheats--just for you!

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100 Floors Escape Walkthrough & Answers- Check through all our pages for all 100 Floors Escape answers & walkthroughs

100 Floors Escape 1
Click button on the right, and door will open.
100 Floors Escape 2
Grab the sun that is flashing on the bottom. Once in the inventory, click the sun icon in the middle of the door. Doors will open.
100 Floors Escape 3
Move the plant on the left to the right. Once it has been moved, you’ll see a red button. Click the button and the doors will open.
100 Floors Escape 4
Grab the fire hydrant. Once it is in your inventory, extinguish the fire and the doors will open.
100 Floors Escape 5
Shake your phone and the door will open.
100 Floors Escape 6
Grab the hammer from the shelf. Once in your inventory, break all the bottles in the room. Doors will open.