Splashy Fish Tips, Cheats and Hacks

Splashy Fish cheats, hacks, scores, and tips for Splashy Fish! Inspired by Dong Nguyen’s popular Flappy Bird game, Massimo Guareschi’s Splashy Fish follows a similar pattern: a one-finger obstacle game in which the player guides a swimming fish through as many underwater pillars as possible. As alike as it is, Splashy Fish has a charm of its own, mixing infuriating obstacles with a simple, but engaging game design. Splashy Bird is available for free on all iOS devices, including iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone. Getting an ulcer from Splashy Fish? Look no further: we have all the Splashy Fish cheats and tips you need to succeed!

With Flappy Bird pulled from the iTunes and Android stores, many games have tried to fill the hole left in its wake. Of all of them, Splashy Fish may be the best balm for the wound. Guareschi flawlessly replicates that winning balance of obscene difficulty and almost childish gameplay that made Flappy Bird such a success. In a way, it feels a bit more refined than Flappy Bird. The added element of water lends some nuance to the game’s gravity, giving our fish protagonist a slight float that not only makes the game more interesting, but smoother as well. It’s an added bonus that, unlike Flappy Bird’s unpredictable ads, the banner in Splashy Fish remains fixed at the bottom of the screen, serving more as a border for gameplay than a ceaseless nuisance. Playing Splashy Fish is simple: keep the fish from sinking or crashing into pillars by tapping the screen. By no means is this game any easier than Flappy Bird, so be prepared to deal with the same stress and addiction that came with Flappy Bird. Though doing well in this game is based heavily on skill, Cool Apps Man has compiled a list of hints and tips to keep you afloat! Read on for more Splashy Fish!

Splashy Fish Tip #1

  • Find your rhythm. The key to mastering this game is keeping calm and maintaining a steady pace.
  • Only adjust your pace when things get hairy and you need to dodge an obstacle.
  • Don’t think about your pace! Let it come naturally. The minute you start thinking about your pace is the minute you lose control. You want your taps to become automatic


Splashy Fish Tip #2

  • Stay low. Because the fish jolts up with each tap, it’s best to give yourself some room and stick close to the bottom pillars.
  • It’s hard to predict how fast Splashy Fish will fall, so one wrong tap at a high altitude almost always results in a crash.