Photo Editor – Look Skinny and Sexy in Pictures!

Want to look skinny with big boobs in pictures?  The photo editor Plump&Slim Booth is your answer!  This magical iPhone/iPad/iPod touch application actually looks realistic!  Seriously ladies (and guys), the days of sucking in your fat while taking picture after picture are over.  Your camera deserves a rest.  Say sayonara to your padded bra and hello to Plump&Slim Booth!

This app really works, even better than the photo editor Photoshop. Plump&Slim can make you look as slim, thin or fat as you want!  It’s difficult to use Plump and Slim Booth, so I have included a tutorial of the application below.  Enjoy and start looking sexy in all your pictures!  If fat is your thing, then don’t worry because the photo editor has a fat and potbelly effect as well! 😉

How to use Plump&Slim Booth Photo Editor

1 – Start: Take a new picture with your camera or choose a photo from photo stream / camera roll.  For best results you should use a frontal photo rather than a side angle or profile.

2 – Choose from different effects (slim body, potbelly, thin body, or fat body), or touch the free mode option to make your body slim or thin, and make your boobs bigger.  (Make sure that “show magnifier” and “show tutorial” and switched to on).

  • Adjust the size and shape of the body using the horizontal and vertical arrows, rotate the body with the curved arrows, and move the body by dragging the frame from the center.

3 – In order to get the best results and an hour glass figure, chose the “slim” option on the top of the screen.  Move and adjust the frame to cover your torso and hips. Touch “augment.”  If it hasn’t adjusted your body to your liking, tap “back” and try again.

4 – Touch save and share

5 – Touch Add More

6 – Make your boobs look bigger by choosing the “belly” option.  You are going to have to do this twice for each boob so make sure they are similar sizes.  Adjust size of belly frame using arrows to fit appropriately.

7 – Adjust your effects by tapping on “belly” “thin” or “fat” and using the up and down arrows.

The images below look very unrealistic, but if you follow my suggestions above you can really pull a trick on someone!



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