Puzzles and Dragons Cheats and Walkthrough

Puzzle and Dragons by GungHo Online Entertainment Inc. is the next puzzle matching app game for both Android and iOS users! Our Puzzle and Dragons walkthrough and cheat guide will give you all the Puzzle and Dragons hints, tips, and help you may need. We love a good matching and combo game, and with the release of Puzzle and Dragons we have quickly become addicted! Puzzle and Dragons cheat guide will describe the best ways to play the game, how to get the highest number of points, special combos, and all the tricks of the trade! Puzzle and Dragons combines adventure with dazzling puzzle play, and will have you battle monsters, escaping dungeons, and match mystical orbs.

Once you begin Puzzle and Dragons you are asked to select a monster (or dragon) to help guide you through the game. You can choose between Tyrra, Plessie, and Brach, all of which are extremely cute but with different skill sets for matching combos and orbs. Similar to other matching games, with Puzzle and Dragons you must pair up to three or more of the same orbs. But, with Puzzle and Dragons there are ally monsters that are on your side, and a cute dragon to match! Unlike other puzzle games, you can move an Orb as far as you want to make a match. This means you can drag the orb across the screen to line up a combo, so many more possibilities and combos are available! These cute little critters attack the enemy whenever you line up 3 or more orbs. Once you begin, it is important to tap your enemy to focus attacks on it. Also, if an orb is flashing that doesn’t mean it is necessarily the right combo, observe the screen first before you make an attack! Look below for a complete Puzzle and Dragons Cheats and Walkthrough guide.


Puzzle and Dragons Walkthrough Guide

Gameplay: Match 3 or more orbs of the same color in a row either vertically or horizontally.

  • Five attributes in the game: Fire, Water and Word (which works like rock, paper, scissors), and Light and Dark which are vunerable to eachother.
  • Hit Points: You can receiving hit points by matching healing orbs.
  • Once a certain amount of turns have passed enemies will attack you. Act quickly!
  • Fusing Monsters Together makes then stronger.
  • You can select the dragons and monsters you want to make up your team. A team can have up to five monsters. Different monsters can do different things, so if you can’t clear a level you might want to change your team.
  • Puzzles and Dragons Cheats

  • A Mass Attack: Match Five orbs together. This will take out more enemies. The more orbs matched the more powerful the attack.
  • Puzzle and Dragon Cheats
  • Power Up Fusion: A base monster is fused with other monsters in order to make it stronger. Base monsters are not leaders and are usually much smaller.

Puzzle and Dragon Cheats

  • The above monster is one of the examples of a special monster, who can be combined with your leader monster for a more powerful attack. You can select him in your inventory and add him to your A-team.
  • If one of your ally monsters starts blinking, this means you can use their special skills. By tapping the monster you can view what its capabilities are.
  • Enemy DEF (defense): If this is high, the attacks are less effective. Use your Guard Break skill to make them more vulnerable.
  • Time Limits: you have limited time to break orbs, so act as fast as you can when matching.
  • If you log in for several consecutive days you will receive special bonuses. You well get more Coins and Pal points the more you play the game.
  • If you become friends with other users and use them to help you, you will get more Pal Points.
  • Fuse monsters together to strengthen their skills. You can also use friend’s monsters as helpers too.
  • Technical Dungeons: You only may have access to this higher level of difficulty after you have fully completed the Normal Dungeon stage.
Puzzle and Dragon Cheats
  • Magic Stones: Adds five more monster boxes. You receive Magic stones after completing the specific objective in each level. Magic stones can unlock special monster boxes. The yellow monster above is the one who will give you the magical stones.