Pic Combo: This Plus That Cheats and Answers

Pic Combo: This Plus That answers, cheats, and walkthrough guides for every level of the game! This game puts all your vocabulary knowledge to the ultimate test. Pic Combo is available for all iOS devices, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Here you will find all the Pic Combo answers, walkthroughs, guides, tips, and cheats for all levels!

From Random Logic Games, Pic Combo is the latest and trickiest game to come to mobile devices. You’re going to have to dig down deep into your mental dictionary to come up with the one-worded answer. Think sunflowers, honeymoon, and windmill. The answers are all words that can be broken up into two. Getting all the pictures right can be tricky, but don’t worry. We’ve got all the answers you’ll need.

You’ll be given two pictures, and an assortment of letters. You’re goal is to put those two pictures together to get one single word. For every correct answer you give, you will be rewarded with one coin. Those coins can later be used to help you out of a sticky situation. For 15 coins you can expose a letter from the answer. For another 15 you can remove a letter from the board. And finally for 30 coins you can reveal the entire answer.

You also have the option to ask Facebook. If you choose this option, your  picture will be posted to Facebook and you can ask all your friends for a helping hand. Remember that spelling each of the picture’s name correctly can be difficult at times, so double check your spelling to save you the effort.

Pic Combo is a great way to test you eyes and vocabulary all at the same time. But if you find yourself getting frustrated, remember we have all the Pic Combo answers, walkthroughs, guides, tips and cheats!

Pic Combo Answers

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