Mr. Block answers and cheats with tips, guides and walkthroughs for Mr. Block by Space Mobile for Android devices. Mr. Block is going to test your brain and puzzle skills in this new block style thriller of a game! And here you can find all the Mr. Block answers, cheats, hints, guides, tips and walkthroughs!

Mr. Block is making users re-think how we play block and puzzle games! In Mr. Block you are going to need to color the same color of the block on the box. Sounds simple enough, but the truth is…it gets pretty hard! As you continue to progress throughout the game, the levels and challenges will become infinitely harder! But don’t fret because we have all the Mr. Block cheats and answers here!

Let’s get into the basics of Mr. Block – You’re going to have beautiful colors and displays for Mr. Block–along with 36 spectacular levels! And each level will have its own special theme and colors, as well as different objectives and challenges. You’re going to have the Time Tunnel, Cloning gas, and other elements. And if you reduce the number of moves, you will get more stars as you go along!

With every move you make, it counts towards how many stars you get. The less moves you make the more of a chance you have to get 5 Stars!

And as we said before – the beginning is going to start out fairly simple for Mr. Block! But as you go a long, it’s going to get much harder! But we have all the Mr. Block answers and cheats! And now here are all the Mr. Block answers, cheats, hints, guides, walkthroughs, and tips!

Mr. Block Answers & Cheats

11 Moves – Click the red block. Move to either the left or right, where the colored space is.
24 moves – Grab the yellow block. Move it to the left, and then to the right on the bottom where the yellow colored space is. Then you will be able to move the red block.
9 Moves – Move the yellow block and get it to the right till it can’t move any move. Click on the blue “eye” at the bottom right and turn it into stone. Click on the red block and move it to the right. It will drop down on the new stone. Then right into the red space.
14 Moves – Get the top left red block down to the bottom. From there move them all the way to the right. Turn that one into a stone. Move bottom right yellow block on top of that new stone you created. And then turn it into stone. Get the top right red block down into its space. Get the top yellow block down and put it into its space.
16 Moves – Get the two bottom yellow blocks so that they are to the left of the yellow space that is open, which is not under it. Turn them into stone. Now the top yellow block has a way to move on. Then move the bottom blue block down, right under the yellow space and turn it into stone. Get the top yellow block into its space. Move one of the top blue blocks down on the new stone block and turn it into stone. Then move blue block down into the space.
12 Moves – Move the top left (red block) down to the space. Then move the grey block over, right under the blank red spot. Finally, move the top right (red block) down to the last space.

by Paul D