Minecraft Pocket Edition Free – Survival Guide



Download Minecraft Pocket Edition for free, but do not become a midnight snack! In Minecraft Pocket Edition Lite, you have little time to built your shelter from the mobs before nightfall.

The first step to Minecraft Pocket Edition survival (survival mode) is to build a shelter with no open spaces. Then you can get creative building and expanding your shelter into a lavish castle! Just make sure to get back inside your shelter/house before it gets dark outside! You will have an infinite amount of torches to see inside your shelter until it becomes light outside. This is the ultimate key to survival in Minecraft Pocket Edition.


minecraft-pocket-edition-freeIf playing in Minecraft PE creative mode, you will have no mobs of hostile zombies hunting you down at night. You will be free to build your own imaginary Minecraft world in peace. There are several building to choose from in Minecraft Pocket Edition Free, although not as many as the full Minecraft Pocket Edition. You are granted an infinite amount of several blocks, including bricks of various colors, and some of the other resources you will have to collect. Collect the limited materials, such as wood, by holding down on these objects until they break. Holding down on parts of a tree will break it down until the wooden pieces can be captured and used to build shelters. Simply tap on the screen where you want the blocks to go. To choose which blocks to build with, tap the ellipses sign and you will see what resources are available to you. It will have an infinity sign on it if you can use this resource an infinite amount of times, or a limited number if this resource must first be collected.


What if you can’t seek shelter before nightfall? To avoid becoming a zombie’s dinner, you have several weapons (sword, shovel, fist/blocks). Some of these weapons are more effective in killing off Minecraft mobs.


  • Sword kills mobs in two hits


  • Axe kills mobs in three hits


  • Shovel kills mobs in four hits


  • Fist (blocks) kills mobs in ten hits




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