Jelly Splash answers, cheats, and solutions to help you beat every level of this new game by Wooga. Jelly Splash has over 100 levels and is for iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. Lovers of Candy Crush, Candy Connect or Flow Free will love Jelly Splash. It’s up to you to connect 3 or more like-colored jellies. Complete objectives, earn coins and get the highest score possible!

If you find yourself stuck on a level of this game, just use these Jelly Splash level walkthroughs to help you beat any level of this game! We have all the answers you need.

In Jelly Splash, your goal is to clear the jellies to clear the level. You have to connect 3 or more similarly colored jellies horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Unlike candy crush, combinations don’t automatically form in Jelly Splash or form by chain-reaction. The only way to clear a jelly off the screen is if you select the move yourself.

There are over 100 Jelly Splash levels and each level has a different objective, ranging from point targets to clearing slime. You have 5 lives (each life refills after 30 minutes), so if you mess up your level, you can try again.

If you make a long enough jelly train, you will form a super jelly. Super jellies are useful because when they’re activated, they will clear a whole row of jellies! If you combine two super jellies, they will clear all the jellies in one row vertically and in one row horizontally. The best part of super jellies is they let off a shadow letting you know what row it’ll destroy depending on your combo. But super jellies aren’t the only way to beat levels, you’re going to need to use careful planning. But don’t worry, we’ve got all the cheats you need! You won’t need use your 70 free coins to get extra moves with our answers and walkthroughs.

Jelly Splash Level Answers

Jelly Splash answers
Level 1 
Jelly Splash answers
Level 2 
Jelly Splash answers
Level 3
Jelly Splash answers
Level 4: to clear the dark slime,
use long combos
Jelly Splash answers
Level 5: clear the slime through long
and overlapping trains
Jelly Splash answers
Level 6: In 12 moves, to clear all the slime,
use long and overlapping trains.
Focus on diagonals.