Icon Pop Mania is the newest icon quiz game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch by Alegrium. Icon Pop Mania is in the same style as some Alegriums most enticing icon quiz games in the app world- Icon Pop Quiz and Icon Pop Brand. And we have all the Icon Pop Mania cheats, walkthroughs and Icon Pop Mania Answers!

We here at Cool Apps Man sit around and refresh our phones constantly waiting for new updates and games to come out. So when Alegrium–the creators of Icon Pop QUiz and Icon Pop Brand–put out a new game, our eyes just light up. Seriously, we just couldn’t wait to for this game to finish downloading!

After anxiously waiting for 30 seconds, we finally go to play this new icon game! And Icon Pop Mania does not disappoint! They’re bringing some fresh new icons for you to guess, which is just as fun and entertaining as Icon Pop Brand and Icon Pop QUiz!

Here’s what’s going to happen when you play- Pretty much the same setup as the past two. So, Icon Pop Mania is going to have an icon of a either a famous person, tv & movie, countries, cities, and etc. After you’ve guessed correctly, you’re going to move on to the next level, but you’re not really going to recieve any points.

Yeah, this is one of those games that really stingy when it comes to giving out hints. You’re only going to get a point to add to your hint bank once you’ve passed a level. Hints are all the same, too. You’re going to have a reveal a letter and remove some letters. Oh, yeah, and you can ask some of your friends for help on Facebook.

But the good news is, you don’t need to annoy any of your friends on Facebook, or use your hints because…We have Icon Pop Mania answers, cheats, walkthroughs and guides! Enjoy!

Icon Pop Mania Answers & Cheats

Icon Pop Mania 1
Icon Pop Mania 2
Mickey Mouse
Icon Pop Mania 3
United Kingdom
Icon Pop Mania 4
Michael Jackson
Icon Pop Mania 5
Icon Pop Mania 6
Coca Cola