Hi Guess The TV Show Answers & Cheats

Hi Guess The TV Show walkthrough, answers and cheats for the newest pop culture icon guessing game released by Man Zhang. This icon based app is available for iPhone, iPod, iPad. Hi Guess the TV Show offers 130 levels which will keep you guessing as well as entertained for hours! Keep reading to find Hi Guess the TV Show guides and solutions. Below we have answers and cheats to 18 levels that provide an idea to how this game works.

Designed in the same fun and carnival-like style as Man Zhang’s other casual game apps, Hi Guess the TV Show is sure to be a hit in the app store. The icons are smooth and colorful and definitely offer the user a clean aesthetic while playing the game. Man Zhang’s previous games have usually come for free with some in-app purchases, but Hi Guess the TV Show costs $.99 in the app store. However, this Paid app should not throw off users who are looking for a fun and challenging game. It is well worth the $.99!


The TV Shows represented in Hi Guess the TV show should be quickly recognizable to many people who play. They will definitely also bring back some memories you may have had of shows you used to watch. If you ever feel that you are stuck on the first couple of levels please refer to our answers and cheats down below. We definitely have what you are looking for and have many other Man Zhang app walkthroughs at coolappsman.com!

Hi Guess the Character Answers & Cheats

The Simpsons

Game of Thrones


Big Bang Theory

Walking Dead

Modern Family

by Paul D