Hi Guess the Brand Answers & Cheats

Answers and cheats to Hi Guess The Brand all levels for iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Updated Hi Guess The Brand solutions and hints including the newest level, Level 13 with 89 new puzzles! Here you will find a full and comprehensive guide to help you beat the game with these Hi Guess the Brand answers!

Find Hi Guess the Brand cheats, answers, and solutions to all levels of the game right here! Hi Guess the Brand by Man Zhang is popular trivia game for iPhone, iPod, and iPad that has been creeping into the iOS Top Charts. This new game tests your knowledge of popular everyday brands. If you need help beating a level of Hi Guess The Brand, just use these Hi Guess The Brand answers and cheats below!

Here at Cool Apps Man, we are starting to notice a serious trend…these icon-style-trivia games are infectious and consume people’s “app game lives.” Seriously, people can’t get enough of them- Icon Pop Quiz, Icon Pop Song, Icon Pop Brand, Icon Pop Test, and etc. It almost seems as though that as soon as one of these apps comes out, people are just flocking to them! But in reality, that just certainly is not the case. In fact there are many icon style games out there that don’t even get in to the top 100. The fact is…in order for an icon trivia game to be successful, it has to be well-crafted and developed.

Enter Hi Guess the Brand by Man Zhang. Users are going to, like all the rest of the icon trivia games, get an icon that is related to a specific brand. Once given the particular brand, users are going to have to guess the name of the brand. Users will still get a letter bank below, as well as some blank spaces and hints. However, another thing Cool Apps Man has noticed is that a lot of these icon games are giving (for each completed level) 1 point towards erasing a letter and 1 point towards revealing a letter, and almost none for “Skip Puzzle.” And while Hi Guess the Brand does start you out with 5 remove a letter and 5 reveal a letter, the fact is you’re going top run out of those hints pretty quickly. So look below for a complete guide to Hi Guess the Brand cheats, hints, and answers!

Hi Guess the Brand Answers & Cheats

Hi Guess the Brand 1
Hi Guess the Brand 2
Coca Cola
Hi Guess the Brand 3
Hi Guess the Brand 4
Hi Guess the Brand 5
Master Card
Hi Guess the Brand 6
Louis Vuitton

by Paul D