Guess the Millennium Answers and Cheats

Guess the Millennium answers, cheats, and walkthrough for every level! This fun picture-guessing game tests your knowledge of everything that we’ve seen from the year 2000 to today. Guess the Millennium is available for Android devices on the Google Play Store. Gauge your hipness and compete for achievements with your friends! If you’re stuck, check our handy Guess the Millennium answers for every level below.

From the people who brought you Guess the 90s comes another fun way to put your knowledge of pop culture to the test. If you’ve ever downloaded any other app from Random Logic Games, you probably know what to expect. The player begins with a picture of a well-known person, fictional character, product, website, etc., and will have to guess its name using the jumbled-up letter below. A correct guess will win the player coins, which can be redeemed for hints. Each name could be anything from the iPhone to Downton Abbey, so your knowledge of the past 14 years will be strained to its limits!

Guess the Millenium has a much more straightforward system than the 100 Pics games, since the pictures are already revealed to you and the hints are much easier to obtain. On the other hand, each picture has many more scrambled letters to sift through, making it much more difficult to guess on a picture that you’re not sure about. We all have areas of the past few years we’re fuzzy on, so in case you get stuck and your coins can’t help you, keep reading and hover over the images for our complete list of answers.

Guess the Millenium Hints & Answers

Unroll Me! Answers  McDonalds

Justin Bieber

Unroll Me! Answers


Unroll Me! Answers  Pepsi


Unroll Me! Answers


Unroll Me! Answers


Unroll Me! Answers