Guess the Character is similar to the classic game of Guess Who. You and your opponents are assigned secret characters that the other cannot see. You must identify your opponent’s character by asking various yes or no questions in order to eliminate characters from the board. To see your assigned character, tap the icon of a character with a question mark on the right side of the screen.

Guess the Character begins with a set of 24 character on a virtual board with various traits. You can either play against a computer or a friend, but you will begin by taping the question mark on the right side of the screen and choosing a question to ask your opponent. The characters that are ruled out by your question will be x-ed and tap them to remove them from your board. On the bottom of your screen you will see your opponents board and the question marks will turn gray as they eliminate characters and come closer to identifying your character. These are the questions you can choose from:


Guess The Character Questions

guess the character questions

1st Round
Do they wear glasses?
Do they wear a hat?
Are their eyes open?
Are their eyes closed?
Do they have black hair?
Do they have brown hair?
Do they have blond hair?


Proceeding Rounds (includes some questions from 1st round)
Do they have short hair?
Do they have long hair?
Do they have gray hair?
Do they have a small mouth?
Do they have a large mouth?
Can you see their teeth?
Is it a man?
Do they have fair skin?
Do they have dark skin?
Do they have a small mouth?
Do they have a large mouth?
Do they have a beard?
Are the bald?
Do they have a long nose?
Do they have a wide nose?
Do they have a mustache?
Are they smiling?
Do they have red lips?


Guess The Character Tips

guess the character app

guess the character app

1 – Always ask about the trait that is most prevalent on the board. In the first round most of the characters have their eyes open, so “are their eyes open?” is a good question to start with.
2 – When your opponent has narrowed it down to one person, your person, you have to take a lucky guess. Tap the light bulb on the right side of the screen to solve the game and Guess The Character.
3 – Your opponent’s character is obviously not going to be yours, so don’t start off asking about traits that your character has.


Here is the breakdown of the traits:
17 eyes open, 7 closed
10 glasses, 14 no glasses
3 hats, 21 no hats
4 teeth, 20 no teeth
5 brown hair, 19 no brown hair
10 black hair, 14 no black hair
3 bald, 21 not bald
6 beard, 18 no beard
17 short hair, 7 long hair
6 fair skin, 6 dark skin

Guess Who fans should download Guess The Character as it is essentially the same game. The biggest flaw in Guess The Character is that it is sometimes difficult to identify which characters have each trait. Some characters are considered to have blond hair when they appear to have brown hair, and it is unclear what a long/wide nose or large/small mouth looks like.  Other than that Guess The Character is a simple and free game that brings back many childhood memories.