Guess The 70’s Answers and Cheats

Guess the 70′s answers, cheats, and walkthrough guides for every level of the game! This game puts all your psychedelic 70’s knowledge to the ultimate test. Guess The 70′s is available for all Android devices. Here you will find all the Guess the 70’s answers, walkthroughs, guides, tips, and cheats for all levels!

From Random Logic Games, Guess the 70’s is the newest and most challenging “guess the picture” game to hit mobile games. You’re going to have to get extra groovy to try and remember all of the famous icons, bands, TV shows, and movies to pass this nostalgic test. From Led Zeppelin to Cheech and Chong to All In The Family. Getting all the pictures right can be tricky, but don’t worry. Keep on truckin! We’ve got all the answers you’ll need.

With each picture, you’ll be given a collection of letters. Your job is to use those letters to answer the pictures correct name. For each correct answer, you will be credited with a coin. Those coins can then be used to help you out when you are in a pickle. For 15 coins you can expose a letter. For another 15 you can remove a letter from the board. And finally for 30 coins you can reveal the entire answer.

If you’re running low on coins, you will have the option of sharing the question on Facebook and you may then ask you friend for some help. Remember, sometimes spelling can get tricky. So be sure to double check your spelling on each answer. Can you dig it!?

Guess the 70’s is a great way to challenge your brain and remember all of you cherished 1970’s memories. But if you find yourself getting frustrated, remember we have all the Guess the 70’s cheats, walkthroughs, guides, tips and answers!

Guess the 70’s Answers and Cheats

Guess The 70's Answers  McDonalds

Love Story

Guess The 70's Answers

Cheryl Tiegs

Guess The 70's Answers  Pepsi

Archie Bunker

Guess The 70's Answers

Ford Pinto

Guess The 70's Answers


Guess The 70's Answers

Animal House