If you love matching and color coding games, then Fruit Mania will be right up your ally! Fruit Mania Cheats and Tips guide will not only explain how to play the game, but the most effective and sure ways to score the most points and complete all the levels. Similar to Candy Crush Saga, this block-clearing game is for iPhone, iPod touch, Android, and iPad and each level has a designated mission that you must pass in order to clear. Fruit Mania Tips and Cheats will help you clear this fun and entertaining puzzle game stage by stage, and Fruit Mania cheats will aid you in all levels of the game! To play Fruit Mania you must match or “code” together the same pieces of fruit. So, when there are three pieces of lemons next to each other (or more) you tap that selection to clear! Fruit Mania walkthrough shows you not only just the best ways to decode the puzzle, but also different tricks, tips and hints you can use to beat the game!

Fruit Mania Cheats and Tips

Each stage of Fruit Mania you can either earn 1, 2, or 3 stars. It is obviously best to earn 3 stars, and here we will show you how!

In Fruit Mania there are babies (or small little animal creatures) you must save by bringing them to the bottom of the screen. The only way to save them is by clearing the rows of fruit underneath the babies. Not every level has babies however, some have liquid blenders that you must fill with the specific color mentioned at the bottom of the screen. Try to clear the largest number of these colored fruits to fill the blender in the least amount of moves.

Fruit Mania Cheats
The color at the top right of the screen (in this case purple) shows the color of juice you must blend. The bottom of the screen shows how many rows left you have to clear (20).

Fruit Mania Cheats
The babies appear like little creatures on the screen and will either appear in the middle of rows or on top of a column. The top right corner of the screen will show you how many babies you need to rescue. (In this case there are 2).

  • Some stages will have a move counter- the number of moves that you are alloted in each level. If you play a stage without a move counter, try to knock out all the fruits you can before saving the last baby. This will give you the highest amount of points. If you knock out around 90 percent off the fruit, you will get a 2,500 point bonus! Knock out ALL the pieces, and you get a 10,000 point bonus plus a three star score. :)
  • When playing with a move counter knock out all the babies to the bottom as quickly as possibly. After that, any leftover moves you have will be worth 1,000 points each (so the faster you knock the babies out, the more moves you can make!)
  • Use the fruit blender at the exact moment it becomes available for use.
  • The fruit blender does not use up any of you moves, and will eliminate an entire row of fruit. When you wait to use it you will be unable to use it later in the stage.

Color Blast Stages: Clear the colors that are not essential first, and flatten out the top of the fruit stack so you can see the rows of fruit at the bottom of screen.
*Load up on the essential fruit colors and connect t hem together. This way you can knock out all the fruit at once.

Fruit Mania Important Tips:

  • Pay close attention to the objectives at the beginning of each level. This is the most important, and if you don’t fufill the objective you won’t clear the level!
  • Pay attention to the color of juice that you must fill your blender with. Clearing fruit of other colors will not fill your blender, but may help you bring larger groups of your desired color together. Remember: the bigger the group you clear, the more points you will get!
  • Big combos= big points gained!
  • Avoid using the boosters and power-ups in the in-app purchases as they will only make the following levels increasingly more difficult to pass.

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