Farm Heroes Saga Cheats, Tips, & Guide

Farm Heroes Saga cheats, tips, answers, walkthroughs, guides and hints for all the Farm Heroes Saga levels! has just released Farm Heroes Saga for iOS and Android devices. Here you will find all the answers, guides, tips and hints for all levels, as well as Farm Heroes Saga cheats and tips for booster and extra lives. Now here are all the Farm Heroes Saga cheats!

Farm Hero Saga is very similar to Candy Crush, and is the latest 3 match game from King that is not only highly addictive. And here you will find all the Farm Hero Saga cheats, tips and guides for all the levels and how to get free boosters and lives.

Boosters and lives are acquired by the Gold you are given. You’re going to get a lot of different boosters. And the best part is they all reginerate! And here we tell you how to get them to reginerate faster, so you can beat all the levels of Farm Heroes Saga!

The object of Farm Heroes Saga is to match in pairs of three to scare away the rancorous Raccoon, Rancid, who threatens the livelihood of not just your farm, but the entire town! Farm Heroes Saga is currently only available on Facebook, but is free and has you compete against your fellow Facebook friends that are playing the game. You can see how well your friends are fairing on road map, and are alerted everytime you beat or pass a fellow farmer. Its competitive nature keeps you coming back for more, and whats’s even better is that you can share an update on your own profile to rub it in everytime you beat a friend or achieved a high score! To insure that you save your farm and ward off Rancid, we’ve created a complete Farm Heroes Saga Guide for users everywhere. These Farm Hero Saga Tips and Hints that will show you the best ways to pass your friends, earn the most points, and beat the game. Be warned however, Farm Heroes Saga is undeniably addictive, so play at your own risk.

Farm Heroes Saga gets very complicated and demanding. You’re going to have a lot of different objectives and objects to capture. And while there are booster and other items to help you, you’re going to need to a lot of help along the way. And you will find out how to regenerate your boosters quickly with these cheats. Checkout these Farm Heroes Saga cheats for free boosters and upgrades, as well as full Farm Heroes Saga cheats & walkthroughs, and guides for all levels!

Farm Heroes Saga Guide

Farm Heroes Saga Guide

Goals: Collect required resources. Match pairs of cropsies together in rows of 3 or more. The more cropsies you match together, the higher the reward! Achieve 100% growth and save your farm.
Note- any cropsies next to a match become more valuable.

Farm Heroes Saga Guide

Each level will have an objective that you must complete and this is spelled at for you in the beginning of each level. Typically each level will require you to harvest a certain number of select crops with a certain amount of moves. This will be noted at the side of the board with the fruit icons and amount of each fruit you must harvest. There are strawberries, green apples, onions, smiling suns, raindrops, flowers and more!
Hero Mode: You can enter Hero Mode if you have completed the objective in the level before your moves are out. You can use your remaning moves to fill the Growth Bar and earn more Magic Beans.

Farm Heroes Saga Guide

Gold Bars: Gold Bars allow you to buy extra time or moves to complete a level.

Special Boosters: Boosters will help you complete the level with a little extra help. You will unlock boosters as you go and can also purchase them in the game. We recommend using them only if you absolutely need too as you will most likely need them in later, more challenging levels.
Shovel booster: removes cropsies, cracks eggs, grows flowers, and fills buckets

Farm Heroes Saga Guide

The Magic Shovel: The Magic shovel removes a single object, just click on the shovel at the top of your board and click on the object to remove it.
No more moves, play on for 9 gold bars or you can give up
If you give up, you can play the level again if you have more lives. Lives recharge every 30 minutes.

Farm Heroes Saga Guide

Animals: You can use the animals to help you along the way with your levels and match cropsies. You can recruit all the animals by getting 3 stars in your levels. The chicken costs 1 star, the sheep 2 stars, and the bull 3 stars.

  • The Farm Club is the home base where you can view all of your recruits (Your animals)
  • Use these combinations of animals to receive free boosters.
  • Chicken + duck + frog = 3 free shovel boosters
  • Sheep + cow + flamingo = 3 free tractor booster
  • Bull + ostrich + crocodile = 3 free bonus reward boosters
  • Goat + rabbit + crab= 3 free shovel boosters
  • Pony + moose + seal = 3000 free magic beans
  • Ox + polar bear + turtle = 3 free color collector boosters.
  • Salamander + prarie dog + squirell = 3500 magic beans
  • Meerkat + deer + cat = 5 free shovel boosters
  • Camel + eagle + fox = 4 free color collector boosters.


  1. By on

    EXTRA moves are showing to people that don’t play on regular basis……my regular friends never show on the EXTRA MOVES that I can give. WHY?

  2. By MJ on

    Love this game. However, I am locked out trying to get to level 41 and don’t want to use the last of my 9 gold bars to get there. Am asking friends to help unlock me (I don’t want to spend real money playing games though). Been stuck for two weeks, and really miss playing it. I like it over Candy Crush (as stated above, it’s adorable).

    • By Mags47 on

      I am in exactly the same boat as you, What annoys me is, if someone asks me for a life I always send it, but when I need help unlocking a new level, nobody bothers to help.
      Like you I only have 4 gold bars and don’t want to pay for anymore, so will just have to keep sending help requests and hope for the best xxx

      • By Anonymous on

        I need help something wrong with mine I have 2 friends and when the third one try’s to help to unlock it does not work