Emoji Pop answers and cheats for all levels on iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android. Emoji Pop is a new type of puzzle game that requires you to guess what the emojis represent. The answer could be a phrase, state, movie, or anything else that emoticons could possibly covey. If you need help beating a level of the game, use these Emoji Pop answers and cheats to solve all the puzzles.

Emoji Pop is a fun and addicting game for trivia gamers and emoji lovers. All users can find Emoji Pop by 6 Waves in the iTunes or Google Play Store.

Before you look at the Emoji Pop answers, Emoji Pop cheats, and Emoji Pop guides with screenshots, please read the Cool Apps Man Course in the “Evolution of Communication.” Lesson 1- A long time ago, people first started communicating by talking face-to-face, and then telephones came along. From there, cellphones came along, which then lead to text messaging. So text messaging was the new way to communicate with people, and well, who knew there was going to eventually be another new way to communicate with people? (We’re sure that this “course” has skipped some vital time periods, and other devices and forms of communication, but hey…who’s counting?) Enter, Emojis. In case you’ve been living in a bunker for the past two years, Emoji is a ravaging new way to communicate with people; rather than using your voice or words, now smartphone users have the opportunity to use a little icon to elaborate on their mood and feelings.

Yes, Emojis have been around for a while, and they literally have an icon for pretty much anything you could possibly think of- Cheese…yup, they have that. Landmarks- The Statue of Liberty, yeah, that’s on there, too. Seriously, you get the point. They have everything in Emoji.

So now, the Einstein-like-minds over at Gamoji Limited have created a trivia game, using Emoji icons (two of them to be exact), and creating compound words, or compound Emojis. However, sometimes, Emoji Pop won’t have compound words, but just two words, or two Emojis to create a landmark or action. But still, it’s (sort of) like Pic Combo and PicToWord, you’re going to have two images (Emojis), and there is a letter bank below–along with blank spaces for you to guess the word.

But, a lot of people are still just getting familiar with how these Emojis work, so it’ll get confusing a long the way–even if you are a “pro” at Emojis. So do yourself a favor and take a look below.

Emoji Pop Answers & Cheats

Emoji Pop 1
Emoji Pop 2
Love Letter
Emoji Pop 3
French Kiss
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