Doors & Rooms Walkthrough, Cheats and Solutions

This is a full walkthrough of the Doors & Rooms app for iPhone, iPad, iOS, and Android.  This Doors & Rooms Walkthrough will provide cheats, solutions, tips and answers to all levels of the Doors & Rooms game.

Doors and Rooms is a new strategy game from Gameday made for iOS and Android devices that requires you to think outside of the box to escape from a series of rooms using only what is given to you in the room.

This D&R walkthrough will take you through 3 chapters (with more coming soon) and each stage of each chapter.

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By Alli Correa

Doors and Rooms Chapter 1: Rusty Key

Doors and Rooms Chapter 2: Secret Door

Doors and Rooms Chapter 3: Silent Hospital


Doors & Rooms Chapter 1: Rusty Key

D&R Walkthrough 1-1: Tap the door!

D&R Walkthrough 1-2: Tap the lock at the bottom right corner of the door. Then tap the door to unlock.

D&R Walkthrough 1-3: Tap the hammer to pick up. The top left corner of the of the screen there is a file: this keeps all of your items that you pick up. Select the hammer; click use. Then tap the glass case to break it and get the key. Use the key to open the door.

Note: There is a tag attached to this key. It has a 7 and a spade on it.

D&R Walkthrough 1-4: Tap the cabinet to open the drawer. Pick up the blue egg. Dismantle the blue egg to release the key. Use the key to open the door.

Note: There is a tag attached to this key. It has a 3 and a heart on it.

D&R Walkthrough 1-5: Pick up the batteries and the remote from the floor. Combine the two to make a working remote. Use the remote on the mouse hole to the left of the door. A toy train will appear with the key. Use the key to open the door.

Note: There is a tag attached to this key. It has a 2 and a club on it.

D&R Walkthrough 1-6: Tap the note to the left of the door and observe it. It will read 2531. In the room, tap the keypad and enter this code. The keypad will open and the key will appear. Use the key to open the door.

Note: There is a tag attached to this key. It has a 9 and a diamond on it.

D&R Walkthrough 1-7: Pick up the present off the floor. Dismantle it. Use the TNT and place it inside the top unit of the refrigerator. Close the door. After the TNT explodes inside the refrigerator, the door will be unlocked.

D&R Walkthrough 1-8: If you look down, you will the the large E on the floor. Tap the keypad next to the door, and press the buttons so that they form an E. The door is now unlocked.

D&R Walkthrough 1-9: Press the panels on the floor to lower the key. The panels will glow when you have pressed it in the correct order. The order is random. Once the key is lowered, use it to open the door.

D&R Walkthrough 1-10: Remember those tags attached to the keys? You will need them to escape this room. Enter each number associated with each shape into the keypad next to the door, then tap the key to exit.

The numbers are:
7 (spade) 2 (club) 3(heart) 9(diamond)

D&R Walkthrough 1-11:  Tap the garbage.  Tap the toilet paper.  Tap the hook on the sink.  Dismantle the toilet paper and note the code on the toilet paper roll (217453).  Enter the code on the combination lock.  Open the door and take the hammer.  Use the hammer on the mirror and take the shards of glass.  Combine the purse and the glass.  Dismantle the purse.  Combine the magnet and the hook.  Use the magnetic hook to get the key out of the grid on the ground.  Use the key to open the door.

D&R Walkthrough 1-12:  Take the bottle and dismantle it.  Dismantle the capsule.  Read the arrow by separating them to get the code 7239.  Use this code to open the door.

You have completed Doors and Rooms Chapter 1: Rusty Key!

Doors and Rooms Chapter 2 >



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