Dooors Game Walkthrough and Cheat Guide

Below you will find a Dooors walkthrough and cheat guide for Dooors 1 – 60.  The new app Dooors is a “Dooors – Room Escape Game,” where you must solve a puzzle or “hidden mystery” to open the door and escape the room.  Use this Dooors walkthrough to open all the doors and escape all the rooms!


Dooors Level 1-10

Dooors Level 2-20

Dooors Level 21-30

Dooors Level 31-40

Dooors Level 41-60


Dooors Walkthrough and Cheat Guide

Dooors Walkthrough Level 1-10

Dooors 1: Tap the door to open it. Tap again to go to the next level.

Dooors 2: Tilt the phone to the left so the red ball rolls left. Open the door.

Dooors 3: Tilt your phone to the left. Tap the key under the ball and use it to open the door.

Dooors 4: Pull the lever and quickly tap the opening of the door.

Dooors 5: Tap the left lamp and use the door handle underneath to open the door.

Dooors 6: Turn the light on and off until all dots on top of the door are green.  Open the door.

Dooors 7: Make the circles the same pattern as the squares on the door. Open the door.

Dooors 8: Take the red dot from the left plant/wall.  Turn your phone to the right. Slide the door up.

Dooors 9: Tap on the right wheel so that they are both green at the same time.  Open the door when both wheels are green.

Dooors 10: Shake your phone to put out the fire. Tap the wood and then take the handle underneath. Tap the left plat several times until the handle hole appears.  Use the handle to open the door.


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  1. By adi aja on

    m stuck on lvl.33! Ive tried the solution so many times n it still doesnt work! Please help

  2. By Jolene on

    i can’t do 30? I’ve put them faceing eachother but I’m not sure if the back should face the front or side to side… I’m a little confused. Can anyone help?

  3. By Emily on

    I dont know how to get past door 20!! Someone please help me understand how to do it! Thanks

  4. By Beau on

    Ok I’ve tried everything in cannot get past door 20 in what dose the ball have to do With it