Colormania Answers and Cheats

Colormania answers and cheats for the puzzle game for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and even Web! Colormania by General Mobile has hundreds of levels where you music guess the colors that make up famous icons. Levels include the most popular brands, celebrities, TV shows and more! If you need help solving a level of Colormania, just use these Colormania answers, cheats, hints and solutions below.

Colormania is an interesting take on the classic icon trivia app. There are so many games in the app store that prompt you with a popular culture icon, and you must guess the word, brand, celebrity, show, etc. that the icon represents. But Colormania deviates from this norm by testing your color memory. Instead of entering the answer as a name, it is the color or colors that make up the icon. Different color swatches appear below the icon for you to choose from. Which is another original feature since you don’t even have to type in the name of the color, you just tap the color swatch!

Colormania starts of very easy, but gets hard quickly. For example, I think that there are few people who do not know that bananas are yellow. But not everyone will remember that the character Domo-Kun is brown and red. Some of the more simple levels are only one color, while some levels will ask for you to fill in more than just one color.

This is why you may find yourself stuck on some of the more challenging Colormania levels, and in need of our help! Here are our Colormania answers and cheats to help you solve all the levels in the game.

Colormania Answers Levels 1-6

colormania answers level 1
Bart – Yellow
colormania answers level 2
Facebook – Blue
colormania answers level 3
Watermelon – Red and green
colormania answers level 4
Banana – Yellow
colormania answers level 5
French Friends – Red and yellow
colormania answers level 6
Pear – Green