Candy Crush Saga is a fun, colorful, and addictive free game for Android and iOS. Made by Limited, Candy Crush Saga is a mix between Bejeweled and the classic board game Candy Land. As you move through a candy-filled virtual world, color-matching puzzles increasing in difficulty challenge players to reach the next level.



Candy Crush Saga Gameplay

The gameplay is simple: swap two adjacent candies to match 3 or more of the same color and eliminate them.  Unlike Bejeweled, though, Candy Crush Saga is not timed. You are limited by number of remaining moves, instead. It is good for those who like to take the time to find the most effective moves. This makes for a more relaxed game than one where you’re racing against the clock.


The goal of Candy Crush Saga varies from level to level. Sometimes there is a target score you must reach, others you need to clear jelly by eliminating the candy inside or drop ingredients to the bottom. A few levels require a combination of all of these.  Each level is something new, and is more difficult than the last, so you won’t get bored too fast. That is until you run out of lives and have to wait thirty minutes to regain one life. Some find this to be a good thing, though, as it makes you paces yourself and not finish too quickly.


Candy Crush Saga’s animation is smooth and it is clear that a lot of work was put into this app. The quality is even comparable to some paid apps like Cut the Rope.  A big complaint with a lot of these more high quality games has been that they often freeze up and Force Close, but Candy Crush Saga doesn’t seem to have that problem.


Candy Crush Saga – The Downside


The biggest bummer about this game, and the only thing I find wrong with this game, is that power-ups cost money.  You can unlock boosters throughout the game, but to use them, you have to buy them with real money. They can pretty pricey for just a booster. A simple booster, which is limited to a few uses, costs around $2. The Charm of Stripes, which is has an unlimited number of uses, lets you paint stripes on any candy once per game and costs $46.57.


This is the most common complaint among other users, as well. If I could suggest anything to the makers of the game, it would be that they make boosters earnable through gameplay. Many games already do this and then make extras cost money. This receives much more positive feedback from users.


Candy Crush Saga Tips for Gameplay

If you do not make a move for 5 seconds, a suggested move will glow. Depending on your goal, this may not always be the best move for you to make. If you are trying to clear a jelly in the bottom half of the screen, it may not be best to use a suggested move that is in the top half of the screen. In levels where clearing the jelly is your goal, focus on making matches in that area.


Aim to match more than 3 at a time. Other combos create special candies. 4 candies create a striped candy, which clears the whole row (or column, depending on direction of stripes). 5 in a row make a sprinkled candy. In jelly levels, use sprinkled candy to eliminate whatever color there is most of in the jelly


Overall, this is a great game for those who like to strategize within a puzzle game. The graphics are cute and well-made, and the game is enjoyable for hours. The only downside is that the boosters cost money, but you can easily play the game without using them.