Best White Noise App & Apps For Sleeping

If you tend to tuck your stress into bed with you, then you likely spend many a sleepless night tossing and turning with your mind racing until the late hours of the night (or morning). For all the hopeless insomniacs, there are many iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iOS, Android and Windows apps that can help you fall asleep at night.  Here is a list of the best white noise apps and relaxing sleeping melodies that might give 100 weary jumping sheep a much-needed break.

Best White Noise and Sleeping Apps

white noise app

White Noise: This eponymous white noise app comes recommended by our friendly neighborhood Dr. Oz and features many relaxing tracks, from “beach waves crashing” and “chimes chiming” to the more offbeat “thunder storm” and “extreme rain pouring”. The latter of these are perhaps a little too loud for my tastes, but you’ll find something to your liking between the monotonous “airplane travel” and ticking “grandfather clock”. You can download free sounds from the White Noise Market, create playlists, and even mix tunes that you think might relax you more in tandem. The free version (White Noise Lite) comes with ten white noise tracks, but you can download the full version for just $1.99 and enjoy 40 looped sounds. Download White Noise

ambiance app

Ambiance: Like White Noise, Ambiance has a free version (Ambiance Lite) that only allows limited access to three sounds. You may want to invest the $2.99, however, because Ambiance’s store boasts over 2500 free downloads. Similar to White Noise, you can mix tunes and create playlists and set alarms to your liking, indicating how long you’d like to play the white noise and how slowly you want to fade in the sounds of your morning alarm. The sheer volume and variety of Ambiance’s store makes it a tempting purchase but if you’re feeling thrifty—and too fickle for a mere three free sounds—then take a look at White Noise or the upcoming Relax Melodies. Download Ambiance

relax melodies app

Relax Melodies: This looks like the best deal of the white noise apps in this list, since the free version comes with 46 ambient sounds, including two binaural beat frequencies to aid in brainwave entrainment. At $2.99, the premium version gives you 94 sounds. The sounds range from “vacuum” and “monk chant” and “immersed” to “medieval” and “butterfly” and “campfire”. Again, you have the ability to configure custom alarms, mixes and playlists—the app even comes with eight programed mixes, one of which combines five noises to yield a soothing “garden pond” mix. But if we’re talking bang for (no) buck, this white noise app might just be my favorite. Download Relax Melodies

deep relaxation app

Deep Relaxation—Relax and Sleep Better with Silva: This free app is a little different than the last three in that it’s not exactly a white noise app. It allows you meditative relaxation in no more than 20 minutes (“short relaxation”) when you need a quick pick-me-up in the middle of a day and a longer track for when you’re trying to put your mind at ease at night (“deep relaxation”). The idea is that you should reach a deep level of consciousness that’s usually only achieved during meditation. Download Deep Relaxation

relax completely app

Relax Completely: Here’s another free relaxation app—in my eyes, it’s more effective than the previous one, but maybe that’s my bias toward British accents. One of the UK’s leading hypnotherapists, Darren Marks has developed a library of hypnotherapy apps that aim to recreate a live session with a hypnotherapist. If you’re still skeptical, I can attest to the power of relaxation audio: I’ve been put to sleep by a yoga instructor and acupuncturist with the use of these wily tracks. Download Relax Completely

Here’s to sleeping like a baby!


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