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100 Floors Review

100 Floors Walkthrough Level 56

100 Floors Walkthrough Level 56

What’s 100 Floors all about?
The aim of the game is pretty simple – complete the puzzle on each floor to move up to the next. The concept may be child’s play, but we assure you this app is far more than that. For starters, we’re all adults and we’re hooked. Challenge yourself and get those little gray cells working to see if you can make it to the penthouse suite (the 100th floor).


So, how does 100 Floors work?
Filled with highly addictive (so much so there should be some sort of warning, surely?) mini puzzles, expect work to thoroughly go out of the window and procrastination to ensue whilst solving these problems. Unlock the door to gain access to the next level, so far there are 70 of the 100 floors released, the rest (if going by previous time schemes) should be available in the not too distant future. The wonder of this game however, is in those miniature conundrums. Requiring users to pinch, poke, shake and swipe their phone in order to solve each puzzle, this app is not only creative but expertly demonstrates the ingenious capabilities of your device as well.


100 Floors Level 71

100 Floors Level 71

Any key things to know about 100 Floors?
Code cracking comes in many forms, from phone shaking on level 5, to guessing the lock combination on level 52 (it’s the date of Christmas Day FYI). As you work through the floors, you will come across objects which can be added to your inventory, these will be needed for later levels, so be sure to pick them up. For the very first floor, tap the green elevator button to open the door, and then tap the green arrow behind the door to move up to the second level. This next level entails a swipe at the trash can and a tap on the green arrow behind it. Then tap the button in your inventory and tap the gray arrow above the red one. Tap the green button once it is correctly placed and the door will open. Phew. Now the rest is up to you (or consequently, check out our 100 Floors Walkthrough if you’re struggling.)


So, what do we think of 100 Floors?
The sheer creativity of the guys at Tobi Apps is more mind boggling than the puzzles they have created (just) and we, quite frankly, are reveling in it. The way they have managed to incorporate all the wondrous functions of a phone into their problem solving is genius, requiring users to mute their phones in level 40 as a hand appears gesturing for silence, especially so. This app is not only a showcase of technology now, but (fingers crossed) an indication of what is to come from App Land in the future. And as if things couldn’t get any better, 100 Floors in 100% free, even as and when new levels are released.


Who would enjoy 100 Floors?
As it is quite clear from our review, here at CAM, we adore this app, so we in fact challenge you to not enjoy the creative quirkiness of it all. Especially suited to those who take pleasure in exercising the mind, 100 Floors will no doubt keep those brain cells as fit as fleas. But if you’re left stumped, don’t abandon your game (we’re 99% sure this is physically impossible but hey) consult a walkthrough, because the innovative puzzles and their solutions are too great to miss.


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