500 Movie answers, cheats, and solutions to help you beat every level of the game by YOUNG MOO LEE for iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android.  Movie lovers will love 500 Movie, just guess the movie character or title based on the image on your screen. If you find yourself stuck on a level of the app, just use these 500 Movie answers and cheats to help you beat the game!

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In 500 movie, you’re presented with an image that corresponds to a movie title. You have a letter bank and the number of letters. It’s up to you to guess what movie is being represented! Sometimes, the image is a composite, other times it’s an abstract representation and sometimes (if you’re lucky) it is an iconic image related to the movie title!

You’re given a generous 400 coins to start with. But don’t worry, the game also offers many free options for getting more coins. Share your 500 Movie on Facebook or Twitter gameplay and get up to 300 coins per social platform. If you rate the app in the iTunes app store, you’ll have another 300 coins coming your way. This makes it easier to buy hints for answers!

Coins are very useful in this game. There’s a great mixture of difficult or more obscure movies with big blockbusters on different levels. You’re going to need all the help you can get! It costs 210 coins to remove a letter and 138 coins to reveal a letter. You’ll earn 6 coins for every right level answer–which isn’t much–so it’s a good thing there’s the an initial 400 coin boost! But don’t worry, in case you run out, 500 Movies Answers and Cheats has a full walkthrough and all the answers you need to beat this game.

After beating the first 250 levels–yes, that means getting 250 answers correctly, you can unlock the Movie Titles Level. And then, once you think you’ve beaten the game, there’s a whole other pack where you can guess the movie character.

Keep reading for a full walkthrough of 500 Movie!

500 Movie Cheats and Answers

500 movie answers
Answer – The Avengers
500 movie answers
Answer – Avatar
500 movie answers
Answer – The Usual Suspects
500 movie answers
Answer – Despicable Me
500 movie answers
Answer – Home Alone
500 movie answers
Answer – Titanic

by Sophie Mars